Success is not spontaneous; every act of success takes planning and preparation. It takes time to materialise...

Problem Solving

One pertinent thing about problems is; they are easily identified by many. However, for every problem there is a distinct solution.

  • 09-11-2016

When the future comes; only those who prepared for it will have a place in it.

Gbenga Oba
Let God Lead You

There's a tomorrow you might not know, but you know God that knows the end from the beginning; let him lead you...

Analyse your action to channel energy in the right direction

Sam Adeyemi
Do It Well

Whatever you're doing now, do it well; one day the world will wake up to you and all you labour in the secret will yield great harvest...

Employability Skills

Employ-ability is not about salary preference. We all need to be flexible in our working patterns and be prepared to change jobs or sectors...

  • 12-11-2016
Stay Away

Stay away from NEGATIVE PEOPLE, any relationship that undermines your person is not for you. Let me tell you something Let me tell you something...

Get a Mentor

How about having someone you can talk to, someone that can keep an eye check on you

You cannot be lukewarm about a venture and expect to be successful.

Dr Mensa Otabil